Sara Eisen Skirt Blooper on Bloomberg TV (Video)

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Sara Eisen Skirt Blooper on Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg’s TV reporter Sara Eisen was caught with her skirt up during a live news broadcast. Since everybody loves a good TV blooper, the video is already going viral with most of the viewers guessing what is that black thing under her skirt. What do you think?

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  • Juhasara641


  • annon

    She adjusting her microphone wire.  The mic was clipped to her blouse, but the wireless unit was under her skirt.  

  • 121

    thigh holster

  • Kim


  • Kimmy


  • kap

    Yeah you right, you watching Spain?????????????
    It could be a wire, she is a rat!

  • Tintto Brass

    delicia amei linda . 

  • Mr.Yen

    The NEW “iPAD”~

  • el bostero

    y que hermosa mujer, deberia tener quien la atienda correctamente

  • el bostero

    yo soy argentino y no soy de derecha , nosotros ya aprendimos.ahora tiene que aprender europa

  • Michael Feaster

    Since when are wireless mic units 9 inches long, cylindrical, black, with a silver top and a black swath of fabric hanging off the side?!
    People, wireless electronics haven’t been that large in 20 years… They are square and much smaller – about the size of an iPhone. You can see them usually on reporter’s backs when they turn around in small cell phone like cases on their belts.
    That’s a telescoping umbrella. You can clearly see the metal top piece, and the swath of fabric that wraps around and holds it shut with velcro.
    The only problem is, why has she got the handle tucked in her hoo-ha? And why can’t she wait till later to adust her improvised auto-erotica device?
    HEY, that’s a new term – IAED

  • Chucho

    It’s an elephant cock she scored while hunting tigers with Juan Carlos.

  • Fred Jones

    it’s her cyborg penis 8==D

  • Kevin Nguyen

    Come to think of just pause at that point. It is a mic.