Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal (Video)

AWWW, Pop Culture — By Dave on 2012/05/25 8:42 PM

Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Isaac surprises his girlfriend Amy with the world’s first live lip-dub marriage proposal. A must see!


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  • Fiddlman

    Who’s the girl in the red dress? Gina Johnson Morris is her name and I’m extremely proud to be her dad. She told us about Isaac’s idea for proposing a few weeks ago… he asked her to choreograph a non-dancer friendly routine, knowing they would likely get only one rehearsal. The real story for us is that while this video was blowing up on the internet Gina and her husband Ammon were completely out of touch on the Oregon coast for the weekend … they got recognized in a cafe before they headed back to Portland and didn’t have a clue what the waitress was talking about. Very happy Gina had a big part of sharing this much love!

  • Jiro

    Awesome LipDub!!! Really great!!!

    Here is another good one I found on YouTube…so fun!


  • Donna

    Absolutely awesome.  What a terrific artist.  We love her!

  • David Fountain

    Your daughter is terrific! She’s the reason I’ve watched the video many times. Her dancing, her smile and her obvious love for Amy and Isaac warm my heart each time. Thanks for sharing the information about your beautiful, talented daughter. 

  • Kmmarrero

    Do you happen to know where her dress is from she is wearing. I have friend that is in love with it. 

  • Toni

    where was this done??

  • PicksAndFlicks

    Portland, Oregon.

  • Nothing But the Truth

    Everyone in the country is obsessed with your daughter… and this video of course.

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  • breathe_water

    She owns a clothing boutique in Portland, Oregon called Radish Underground (www. I’d give them a call and see..

  • Muddy

    I was asking that question too… the young lady can dance!  And she’s so obviously filled with joy for the happy couple.  I absolutely sobbed watching this video!  Bravo to all the folks who put it together, and felicitations to Isaac and Amy.  May they have many happy years together.

  • Icke Wa

    My Wedding Proposal – She said YES! :)

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