Hamster Plays Dead After Getting ‘Shot’ (Video)

AWWW, LOL — By Dave on 2012/05/29 8:10 AM

Hamster Plays Dead After Getting 'Shot'

An adorable hamster is playing dead after getting pretend shot by the owner.

via Arbroath

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  • Cecibrn

    i looked at his video many times and it actually looks like he hits the hampster with his finger, if so its not as adorable as suggested

  • http://dailypicksandflicks.com PicksAndFlicks

     that is just the camera angle, you can touch the moon with your finger in the 2D world.

  • Md112611

    hmm something isn’t right he should of just kept recording it until it got up but he didn’t hmmm ………..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZAFD4UOKLRXQXXRP5LJMF4HJ4Y Luke

    This video is a hoax. You can clearly hear the BB gun off screen that fires the gas but no pellet at the hamster. This is a case of animal cruelty.

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