birthday scenario game

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birthday scenario game

  • Janne Leinonen

    Host a tv show with Chuck Norris :D

  • Anthony Michael Cappel-West


  • Anthony Michael Cappel-West

    My mom would be stuck on an island with my grandma, who is dead.
    My dad would replace the human population with a vampire.
    And I thought me creating clones of Lady Gaga was scary.

  • Luvsoccer428

    best friends with spongebob

  • Michaelhinkley2

    hand cuffed to a wherewolf fun

  • Michaelhinkley2

    my lil sis is hand cuffed to santa clause my bibgbro is handcuffed to justin beiber


    Sorwd Fight with a pikmin. A WORTHY OPPENT!

  • Kate Parrish

    Married to Chuck Norris…

    • Becky Mentzer

      I hate u!

  • Kate Parrish

    Guess it’s not that bad…my best friend is best friends with Voldemort. And my other best friend has to start a band with Justin Bieber.

  • hayley

    sword fight with voldemort….

  • Kevin Gillespie

    apr 1

    • Becky Mentzer


  • Sdhhe

    best friends with spongebob…I AM PATRICK

  • Foxtrot777

    I start a band with a Teletubby…
    My bro starts a band with Chuck Norris…
    I hate my birthday now.

  • Eddie Chan

    Mortal enemies with chuck norris D: bai world

  • Eddie Chan

    Mortal enemies with chuck norris D: bai world

  • ToastySD

    Handcuffed for life to chuck norris!

  • dafuq

    you know who else like making clones of?? your mom. september 29

  • Michael Walker

     well, my b-day is march the 20′th.
    i am handcuffed for life.
    to Kirby.

  • avionne shaw

    Trapped in prison with a vampire

  • Danielmort

    I am now the dark lord voldemort mwah hahaha

  • Awesome Guest 101

    Best friends with Chuck Norris.

  • Shade

    Creating clones Chuck Norris!

  • Isaiah Rodriguez

    Best friends with Barack Obama D: XD

  • Volkan Acer

    switch lifes with cookie monster
    FUCK YEAH!!!!!

  • Jorge Gomez

    really jan-22 i want to die

    • Becky Mentzer

      i fell so bad for u?

  • Steven

    Start a band with a Pikmin. Hell yeah

  • Becky Mentzer

    i was born January 23
    i get 2 switch lives with Chuck Norris

  • Becky Mentzer

    I love my B-DAY!
    Jan 23

  • Becky Mentzer

    my mom gets 2 start a band with a mudkip.

  • Becky Mentzer

    big bro…
    trapped in prison with Kirby.

  • Becky Mentzer

    Dad = Handcuffed (for life) to his mom.