Cat Interrupts Pole Dance (Video)

LOL — By on 2012/06/23 1:11 AM

Cat Interrupts Pole Dance

Minty the cat makes a guest appearance during a warm up pole dance and gets dragged away. Waaait for it…


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  • SierraColeLee


  • guest

    why would you wear ugg boots while pole dancing?  doesn’t make sense

    • India

       because she felt like it?

    • PicksAndFlicks

      in her video description she says it was cold.

      • Sluggerchic89

        If it was cold, then why isn’t she wearing a shirt?

        • NailBunny

          You are one bitter girl. Jealous much?

          • Lisyao

             You do all women a disservice by implying that they have to be jealous and catty in order to express an opinion.  I agree that the boots are no big deal and that she’s just having fun.  But you’re just stereotyping all girls who express themselves in a way you don’t like in a way that hurts women as a whole.  Let people express who they are and move on.

    • Anon

      I wasn’t aware that you’re required to wear a certain uniform when doing your favorite hobby/workout.