Kitten vs Doberman (Video)

AWWW, OMG — By Dave on 2012/07/16 5:26 AM

Kitten vs Doberman

Pancake the kitten battles Sugar Tree the Doberman.

Sent by Mackenzie S.

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  • Kitten vs Doberman (Video)

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  • Alex

    Beautiful. Our cat Clovis played with our half-Doberman, half-German Shepherd dog Ruffian this way. Sometimes Ruffian would take Clovis’s entire head into her mouth, and when he emerged he would just shake out his fur, then start playing again. They ended up best friends for years – napping together, playing tug of war with ribbons, playing like this – until Clovis passed away.

  • anonymous

    Aww…I bet Ruffian wouldn’t let anyone mess with Clovis either!

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