Mako Shark Does Nine Somersaults in a Row (Video)

OMG — By on 2012/07/26 8:00 AM

Mako Shark Does Nine Somersaults in a Row

It appears that the only appropriate reaction to a mako shark repeatedly leaping out of the water and doing 9 somersaults in a row is to freak out and scream ‘OMG’ each time the shark jumps. The footage was recorded by a group of anglers competing at the Flying Mako, a catch and release tournament in San Diego.

Video via Youtube Search. Spotted at Grind TV.

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  • Ramon Dominguez Neri

    We should learn to have more respect for other forms of life, including sharks. Having “fun” seen a shark jumping and fighting for its life only shows how primitive and stupid human beings are. To have fun we already have NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, WBA, WWF, etc, or get drunk, go bungee jumping, sky diving, etc… USE YOUR BRAIN!!

    • Matthew Witmer


  • Matthew Witmer

    They do this without being provoked… try getting THAT on tape. How would you like having your life threatened and then when you struggle to live, your being laughed at????????????

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