Walrus Dancing to Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson (Video)

Pop Culture, Video — By Dave on 2012/07/27 3:57 PM

Michael Jackson Walrus dancing to MJ's Smooth Criminal

A walrus dances to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal at the Troy Aqua Park and Dolphinarium in Belek, Turkey. I hope he gets plenty of fish, he deserves it.

H/T: Goran.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/joanne.humeniuk Jo-Anne Humeniuk

    This is awesome, I love it 

  • http://www.vanriperandnies.com/ T. Charles

    Cool video! I love the walrus dancing!

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome.  FWIW Jobstr has an animal trainer who explains just how they train the walrus to do it all; it’s pretty fascinating: basically the walrus has no idea there’s music playing at all; just responding to a series of cues: http://www.jobstr.com/t/s/4327-zookeeper#question_4734

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