Prince Charles Photoshop Challenge meme vs Chubby Bubbles Girl meme

— By on 2012/08/01 7:48 PM

Prince Charles Photoshop Challenge meme vs Chubby Bubbles Girl meme

  • Alexander Vadim Kristensen

    Da fuck. I created this picture, for the purpose of posting it on Reddit, yesterday. 

    Now I find it here, after a simple google-search.

    Dirty thief.

    • PicksAndFlicks

      If you want it removed all you need to do is say so. I don’t claim to own any of the pictures posted in the picdumps and most of them were posted on Reddit one time or the other. Usually they are not created for Reddit but Redditors take from other websites, re-host them on imgur and them post them on Reddit. Therefore it is virtually impossible to find out the original source for most of the images and that’s why I don’t spend my entire day googling for them. My picdumps are a collection of picture going viral on Reddit, 9Gag, Imgur, The Chive, Facebook and similar websites and are the type of pictures that people are posting all over the internet without giving credit to the source. A quick look at your Facebook and Reddit profile tells me you posted a bunch of images that you did not create nor did you link to the owner/original of those pictures. Therefore – you stole them from someone. Just because you made this one doesn’t mean the same rules don’t apply on what belongs to other people. I don’t understand why would you share something to Reddit where everyone will see it and then go around the internet insulting everyone that posted something without knowing it was yours. P.S. I took that picture from 9Gag, NOT Reddit. See here

    • Martinpinner


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