RONA 2012 Olympic Relay TV Commercial

— By on 2012/08/05 12:46 PM

RONA 2012 Olympic Relay TV Commercial

  • Sm

    This commercial made me cry, not laugh. it was beautiful.

  • hirnverbrandt

    Very funny and well done … Have you seen Banksys take on the Olympic Games …

    • PicksAndFlicks

       I did, but there was too much other stuff going on so I decided to pass on it. BTW, cool website.

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  • PicksAndFlicks

    and why is everyone commenting under this screenshot when the video is posted here:

  • Tuytre12

    Is Rona a racist company? In a country as diverse as Canada how would white people feel if everyone passing the baton in the commercial was black? Perhaps if you are not white you may want to consider boycotting Rona.