Olympic Heartbreak for China’s Liu Xiang in 110m Hurdles (Video)

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Olympic Heartbreak for China's Liu Xiang in 110m Hurdles

China’s Liu Xiang won gold in the 110-meter hurdles at the 2004 Athens Olympics, but he ran his most inspiring race Tuesday morning in London.

Xiang worked hard to get back to the Olympics after Achilles tendon injury that robbed him of the 2008 games, just moments before he was about to compete.

It was that same right Achilles he clutched after stumbling into the first hurdle at the 2012 London Olympics on Tuesday. All he could do is hop to the finish on one leg and kiss the final 10th hurdle goodbye.

Watch one the most inspiring moments of the 2012 Olympic games in the video below:

via Buzzfeed

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