Man Cradles His Sick Dog in Lake Superior (Photo)

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Man Cradles His Sick Dog in Lake Superior

John Unger cradling Schoep in Lake Superior. Photo: Stonehouse Photography Facebook

Photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson took this photo of her friend John Unger, lulling his sick 19-year-old dog Schoep to sleep in Lake Superior.

Schoep has arthritis and has trouble sleeping, so every night John cradles the dog in his arms because he found that water helps ease the pooch’s pain. John rescued Schoep as an 8 month old puppy, and he’s been by his side through many adventures.

Stonehouse Hudson posted the picture and the story to Facebook on August 1. To date it has more than 260,000 likes and over 150,000 shares. You can buy prints of the image here. Proceeds go toward Schoep’s vet bills.

UPDATE: You can read an interview with John Unger here.

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  • Lisa Fonseca RT R

    Now That Is A Real Man!!!

  • Lisa Fonseca RT R

    Now That Is A True MAN! OMG what an absolutely beutiful soul! <3

    • Jan

      Ditto and Ditto!  From one animal lover! I never trusted a person that didn’t like animals. It silently says something about their heart.

  • Aimee

    I totally agree.  Only a real man has the heart and soul to do something that caring and loving for his pet.  I know with if it was my little dog I would be doing the same thing.   She is more than my pet, she is my baby and best friend. 

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  • Foxxx47

    Very touching story! Terry Good I couldn’t help but think of you!

  • Mary Pruitt

    This is so touching.  Notice the dog’s eyes are closed and he has totally relaxed.   True love. 

  • Romn45

    Nice to see good news for a change, I feel the same way about my cat and past dogs. We are human sometimes…………. What a story.

  • rfrapal

    That IS unconditional love and what an amazing man to do that for his best friend.  GOD BLESS HIM!

  • Ron M

    This story is heartbreaking but don’t you think at 19 the dog has reached his lifespan. He obviously had a great life and influenced his owner to no end, unconditional love, words cannot describe.
    I have been there and had to put down past pets because they were SUFFERING. Made my heart bleed to watch a past cat or dog suffering all day. I currently am blessed with a 19 year old cat I have had her with me her whole life, she is my baby and in great health, I am truly blessed and I dread the day she can no longer carry on basic life functions, not looking forward to the day but I cannot watch her suffer. Unconditional love I have well experienced it.;
    Will I put her down ? Yes, and cry for months !!!

  • Elizabeth M

    The best way to sum up this picture and story is to call it “LOVE”!
    This reminds me of what our Heavenly Father Feels for us!
    God Bless you Shoep and John!

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  • Marie

    Lovely story but I have to think – is it the right thing to do? If that poor dog is in pain and it is affecting it’s life and ability to do natural things , like sleeping, then maybe it is time to let go. I have just lost two animals lately, one naturally and one had to be put down and I KNOW how hard that is to do. However, if you love them that mush sometimes it is selfish to hold on to them. I so sympathise with this man’s position and sense of loss to come… animal can ever replace another – but where one door closes another opens and this guy is obviously someone who deserves to have animals in his life.

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  • cathleen

    Everytime I see this story. I cry my heart out. i can’t imagine keeping a dog so long and now fear losing him. I hug my nine year old boston terrier sheltie mix every time I see this video because already arthitis is settling into his bones not bad but you can tell.

  • Dixie Gordon

    You are so lucky to still have your beloved dog, we lost ours to Bone Cancer last month at only ten and he was such a great friend. Enjoy each day you have with Schoep. Dixie Gordon

  • ruby tuesday

    First of all, It is extremely hard to put an animal down. I have had to do so several times. It broke my heart and I was depressed for weeks/months. Here is my concern with John and Schoep (which I am now blocked from their page by the Schoepettes). I donated $100 (which I could ill afford) for Schoep’s Legacy. To me it was mispresented. There is no Schoeps Legacy although they keep promoting it. I feel betrayed because I made that donation in memory of my dog also named Shep. I think keeping animals (no matter how much you love them) alive when they are suffering is cruel and inhumane. The dog is almost 20 years ago, blind and is his last picture he is having to hold the dogs head up. I also question the donations but have since learned you BETTER NOT ASK ANY QUESTIONS. I have repeatedly sent messages to John and his crew asking about the status of the Legacy and the donations towards his selling merchandise online…which with the suggestions from his fan club is turning into a department store. I have no ill feelings towards John but he claimed this money was going to help older dogs. Now I wonder. He is definitely making a killing off selling merchandise and it ain’t cheap. I was the only one on his page for asking (politely, I might add) where is the money going and I got vilified. Schoep gets free medical now, free dog food, free everything. There is nothing wrong with that. But don’t solicit donations and then not give any updates on where the money is going. Now that the donkeys are being brought into the picture (they came with the farm…they are not rescue donkeys as alot of people think). That is not honest and I know for a fact they are not rescue donkeys because John told me so in one of his brief messages. I feel bad (and living in rainy Seattle unemployed) because I’ve been branded the bad person for asking a simple question. If the money is going into John’s pocket, just say so. That’s what I’m starting to believe because I haven’t heard otherwise. One last thing that bothered me was the way he has not been very chatty personally and he gives the thumbs up when people ask him questions or need assistance. This has been going on since August when he raked in 25K according to the news station. I think they whole thing started out positive but turned ugly with the money. The dog has all he needs. Why open a department store with shirts, blankets, beer coolers, mouse pads, calendars, etc. which is apparently what the Schoepettes want. One last thing if it was a woman or an ugly bad guy do you think he would be generating this much publicity? I have read online posts where women are asking to marry him! One bunch was going to charter a bus and visit him unnannounced. Okay, I’ve said my piece and it’s just my opinion but I will NEVER donate like this again.