dies ist meine wassermelone – German watermelon kitten

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dies ist meine wassermelone - German watermelon kitten

  • http://twitter.com/GarageQueen Kristen

    German kitten is German.

  • me

    It looks like a Prussian kitten.

  • http://www.facebook.com/damion.m.dunn Damion Micah Dunn

    Deutsch KinderKatze ist Deutsch

  • http://www.facebook.com/zacharysyoung Zachary Steven Young

    Shouldn’t this be “Diese ist meine Wassermelone”? So that “this” agrees with “watermelon” (which is feminine)?

    • ilonaellen

      hi zachary,

      as a German I would say: If You want to use “diese” You should put it like that:

      “Diese Wassermelone ist mein (or: meine).”



      P.S.: Do I get it right, that the kitten’s black should recall the shape of Hitler’s moustache?

      • ilonaellen

        “the kitten’s black nose” of course

    • Anonymous

      No, “dies” is technically correct as well, as you are just pointing at “something” at that point, “dies” being the subject of the sentence and “meine Wassermelone” being the object, you don’t decline the subject after the object. “Dies” standing alone means it’s neutral. It’s basically short for “This [object] is my water melon.”

      “Diese” is in fact “less correct” formally, but still valid: “This [water melon] is my water melon”

      However, both uses sound quite weird in everyday German, where you’d rather use “das” (some dialects might disagree)

      “Das ist meine Wassermelone”

      You’d only use “diese” to put emphasis on this part of the sentence, but in this case, the emphasis is definitely on “meine” :P