Little Girl Plays with Gorilla (Video)

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Toddler Plays With Gorilla

A 22-year-old video of an 18-month-old toddler girl playing with a gorilla has sparked an online debate about parenting. British conservationist Damien Aspinall released footage that shows his daughter Tansy playing with a 300-pound gorilla at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent.

Aspinall says he did it to show how gentle gorillas actually are:

‘This is a family video,’ he says. ‘Before I wouldn’t have released it but now, with the internet it is different. I don’t care if I get a bit of stick because I think the gorillas get a good deal out of it. There’s an upside for them that there wasn’t before. If we can show millions of people how gentle and noble and wonderful these animals are, then I think we’re doing the gorillas a service. I’m happy to take the stick for that.’

via Daily Mail

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