Dog Saves His Buddies in Canoe (Video)

AWWW, OMG — By on 2012/10/11 11:46 AM

Dog Saves His Buddies in Canoe

A smart Labrador retriever named Robbie jumps into the river and rescues two other dogs stuck in a canoe…

via Oddee

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  • jammer

    Can’t help but think it is staged, with the dog at the front of the canoe throwing the line overboard.

    • PicksAndFlicks

      yeah, i posted this couple days ago and in the meantime the youtube uploader wrote he trained the dogs to do that. Still kinda cool to see something like this.

      • jammer

        Have to agree, It is a great job of training. The guy as an over abundance of patience.

  • Gwendell Parsons

    Robbie is a hero!