SNL: Odysseus and the Sirens (Video)

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SNL: Odysseus and the Sirens

Saturday Night Live host Christina Applegate stars as one of the Sirens and seduces Odysseus with 90s chick songs:

via Saturday Night Live

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  • Damon Aldora

    This was actually a pretty funny skit. I was singing along with all of
    the songs sadly! Christina Applegate was great on last week’s show and I hope
    that it doesn’t take another 20 years before she hosts again. I couldn’t catch
    the show the other night since I was working late at DISH. I set my Hopper a
    while back to automatically record the entire season to the two terabyte DVR
    and then watched it the next morning. I am just happy that I can watch it when
    I want without having to worry about how much recording space I’ve got. I am
    definitely looking forward to seeing Bruno Mars this weekend!

    • Eitan

      You sound like a fake marketing employee from DISH

      • Anonymous

        No doubt! I mean, why would he be here watching it if he’s got it on his two terabyte DVR. lol

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