Kung Fu Master Does Headstand on Nails (Video)

OMG, Strange News, WTF — By on 2012/10/15 4:09 PM

Kung Fu Master Does Headstand on NailsImage source

Chinese kung fu master Zheng Zhenyong can balance upside down with his skull resting on a platform with nails.

‘I train by headbutting concrete pillars and friends hit me with weights, but I don’t feel it any more,’ Zheng said to local media.

‘I have learned how to absorb the pain and use it to endure,’ he added. Experts estimate that the constant pounding has thickened Zheng’s skull.

‘We had a typhoon here a few years ago and some stones were flying through the air. When they hit me on the forehead they smashed into dust,’ he claimed. Now Zheng is set to seal an international reputation with a bid at a Guinness World Record. ‘It’s my dream to be recognised internationally,’ he said.

Video via Youtube. Spotted at Arbroath.

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