Paddleboarder Rescues Shih Tzu Stranded on Rocks (Video)

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Paddleboarder Rescues Shih Tzu Stranded on Rocks

Charlie Head with Bam Bam the Shih Tzu. Photo: Facebook/Ocean Sup

Paddleboarder Charlie Head rescued a Shih Tzu dog named Bam-Bam stranded on a rock near Herne Bay in Kent, England. The 33-year-old was paddleboarding from Cornwall to London on Monday to train for a 3,000 mile cross-Atlantic trip when he spotted the shivering puppy.

Bam Bam would definitely have drowned as there was no way to get back and the tide was coming in. Mr Head rowed the soaked dog to back to shore in Hampton and the pooch is now in the care of the Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary while they try to contact the owner.

via Daily Mail

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  • Debra

    I would love it if Queen Elizabeth knighted Charlie Head. I am a American but I am so touched by Mr. Heads Kindness and compassion. I feel people of lesser attributes have been knighted so
    why not a good man like Mr. Head?