Helicopter Retrieves RC Plane Stuck in Tree (Video)

LOL — By on 2012/10/29 3:57 PM

Helicopter Retrieves RC Plane Stuck in Tree

A helicopter pilot and his buddy fish out an RC plane that crashed into top of a tree.

Warning: the good guy helicopter pilot uses very strong language.


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  • Bernie

    This appears to be a hoax, but they forgot one detail to make it believable. Notice the grass doesn’t even move when they land or take off. Surely, you would see the grass almost flatten out in the area of the copter, no matter how small the copter is. And how stupid is it to risk your life along with someone elses to do that. The silliness and profanity may have been added for effect. And just why was a video camera happen to be rolling just as it happened. Of course I do realize it may have been rolling just to video their trip, which would be boring for them to even watch.