Cat and Fox are Best Friends (Video + Photos)

AWWW, Fun Pic, Strange News — By Dave on 2012/11/25 6:51 PM

A wild cat and a fox have been spotted in Lake Van, Turkey, sharing a fish and playing together. Ok, sometimes they fight, but they are totally best friends forever! Check out the video and more pictures below:

Source via Buzzfeed
P.S. I’ve made animated GIFs from the video and posted them here.

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  • Derie Keene Shipmon

    That’s incredible – but easy to understand, I have both read and heard that Foxes are very similar to cats more so than canines (wolves in particular – as a child I thought they were like tiny wolves)

  • Kevin

    In the last photo, is there another beast watching from under the large rock?

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  • Trish007

    wow…see what you mean!

  • test1 | ネコゾンズブログ~ネコネコ情報局~
  • Kait

    This is like my tiny fox-like dog, and our farm cat! =D

  • Candice Byrd

    could be a feral cat colony in that area?

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  • Wayne Lee Wilson

    I think it’s a Sand Person from Star Wars IV….

  • Graisi Emburr

    I bet there is, and those eyes under the rock are very feline. Good eye Kevin, I didn’t even notice.

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