RC Helicopter Test Fail (Video)

LOL, OMG — By on 2013/02/14 6:15 PM

A guy tries out his new RC helicopter for the first time, but the test doesn’t go so well. Doesn’t matter, those trees needed some trimming anyway!

Skip to 2:55 if it doesn’t start from there automatically.

Original video found via Youtube. Spotted here.

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  • Adam smith

    seems this guy has to buy a new RC helicopter.
    my one friend done something like this. he was flying his rc helikopter near the lake and by accident the helicopter fall into the wate

  • John Sid

    In the begning everyone have to face this problem, when I buy new RC helicopter same was problem with me on my first flight, I lose its control and the helicopter crashed. I have buy this from Nitrotek: