SNL: Ghost Mom Disney Show (Video)

LOL, Pop Culture — By on 2013/05/12 5:41 AM

SNL presents ‘Aw Nuts! Mom’s a Ghost’, a new Disney Channel show about a mom who became a Korean water ghost. You know, like the one from The Ring.

via SNL

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  • Paul Bifford

    why is there a guy standing in his underwear at the 0:52 mark?

    • PicksAndFlicks

      good eye! :) I have no idea.

    • Daniel Brown

      I came here to ask that very question. Is it a subtle easter egg reference to Asian horror?

  • JonathanM

    I’m guessing he was dared to do it, but I can’t find out anything about the guy in his underwear either. Maybe it was going to be part of that skit that was cut out at the last minute.