Worst Song Ever: Goodbye by D4NNY (Video)

LOL, Pop Culture, WTF — By on 2013/06/04 9:20 AM

Birmingham, UK based singer-rapper-songwriter Danish Ghaffar, aka D4NNY, is making the rounds on the internet with his new hit song ‘Goodbye’. It’s really hard to describe it, so you’ll have to listen to it for yourself.

Original video via Youtube. Spotted here.

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  • Keith Huskison

    Birmingham? thats Bradford. It’s Baildon golf course when he nicks the flag……

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see how you immature people are making all these posts/blogs about D4NNY’s song. Seriously. there are songs out there that are even more worse than his. Sheesh, grow up. At least he had 2 million views. At least he’s creating his own music and lyrics. How about you guys? Just sit around and judge people for what they’re doing. Learn how to grow up :) Get a LIFE

    • even more anonymous

      He has 2 million views BECAUSE all those blog posts and all the people
      calling the song worst song ever, NOT because the song is actually worth
      anything. Get a life? Pretty bold words for someone who’s life is so
      lame he/she doesn’t have anything else to do but go around the internet
      writing stupid and immature comments. And how about you get a taste in
      music? This song is beyond terrible and is definitely among the worst stuff ever recorded. You should be ashamed for defending it.

      • Anonymous

        first off, it’s not even “immature comments” . What I say is the truth. He’s there making music while people like you go around blabbing shit about the song. and NO. I will NOT be ashamed for defending it because I am a music person myself, and even though his song may not be that great, at least the kid has some potential and guts in himself to even post the video online. really, grow up. He has fans, you don’t. He’s viral, you’re not. problem solve. shut up with your negative comments because no one needs to know about it. LOL.

        • Youneedtotrollharder

          Yeah like i actually care about i have fans or not.
          Whatever you say his song is shit, he has no potential and even disabled comments on his video.

  • Anonymous

    D4nny has meaningful lyrics but he just can’t sing

  • Matthew Redwood

    I thought it may have been Licky Hills?