News Anchor’s Daughter Interrupts Live Broadcast (Video)

LOL — By on 2013/08/19 5:46 PM

Lena Alwash, a news anchor on Moroccan Medi1 TV, was interrupted during a live broadcast when her daughter decided to drop in and return a cell phone.


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  • Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.

    A gorgeous Moroccan beauty. Although I wonder how many men out there actually focused more on the daughter. Is she far too young to get our attention? But Lena Alwash would have done better to acknowledged her daughter’s presence and maybe even introduce her to her audience. That is the approach that a Western anchor would have likely taken. If that had been Martha MacCallum of Fox News, who actually has a daughter around the same age, she would have very likely used a moment like this one to give her daughter some exposure and an informal introduction to the world of broadcasting. But the Arabic anchorwomen are far too rehearsed and far too rigid. The Arabic anchorwoman can certainly compete with the best of the Western anchorwomen in the glamour department, as Lena Alwash clearly demonstrates in the video clip we see of her here. She is certainly as beautiful as any woman you will see in the Western media. But the Arabic anchorwomen are never as relaxed as the anchorwomen of the West. Lena Alwash can compete head-to-head with Martha MacCallum for male attention and some men may even conclude that she is slightly more beautiful. But no one can compete with Martha MacCallum when it comes to her intimacy with her audience. She is notable for her superior instantaneous reactions and the intense appeal of her remarkably relaxed manner.

    • Sab

      She is Syrian and she did not hear from her family in Syria for a week. Her daughter handed the phone due to this matter.

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