Girls Who Read: a Poem by Mark Grist (Video)

Pop Culture, Video — By on 2013/11/15 9:03 PM

‘I like a girl who reads’ says poet Mark Grist in this video from Roundhouse London:


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  • granny grunt

    what a fabulous way with words a talented young man is mark grist

  • Book Squirrel

    Love the poem, wish more men liked girls who read!

  • Sarah

    Blecchhh! Seriously? Pretty much everyone reads. Pointing it out in women as if it is amazing isn’t exactly feminism. This reminds me of 80′s feminism where femininity was hated and women had to be severe and a-sexual to be considered strong. It also sounds like it comes from some douche who wants to act as though all OTHER men are a-holes and then hold themselves up as some sort of knight-in-shining alternative. The majority of men look for someone they connect with on many levels. If that isn’t your experience that probably says something about you, not about half the world. I imagine that Mr. Grist thought this would a) make him look oh so sensitive and b) get him laid.

    If this is the best thing we have to say in 2013 on men and women, we are in a sad place.