Black Zombies on Family Feud (Video)

LOL, WTF — By on 2013/11/19 5:36 AM

According to one Family Feud contestant zombies are known for being…black? As always, Steve Harvey’s reaction to the answer is priceless:


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  • A Flor de Tierra

    baahahahahahahaha… omg “You shut up lady!” hahahahahahah …. smh

  • Jacob

    As the ex-brother in-law of this family feud candidate I can tell you that this was nothing more than a honest mistake made under pressure without any thought to how it may be perceived by the host, audience, viewers and it most certainly was not a stab at the family on the other side! Christie is one of the most equal rights minded people I have ever met; adamantly standing up for all regardless of race, color or the like and anyone that thinks or says differently clearly does not know her and is making assumptions based on a 10 second video bit. You can see by her trying to “back pedal” after saying her answer and then the silence from the host, audience and opposing contestant that she was afraid she may have offended them. In all reality her answer was not wrong, it just wasn’t on the board. I’m sure she is embarrassed at how this may have looked and how some may try to twist and manipulate the situation for their own ratings and as a conversation piece for their show but make no mistake, no matter how you try to spin it she is not and what she said is not “racist” in any way shape or form and anyone thinking otherwise is just plain wrong. JNB

  • Kunushi

    She obviously felt super bad about it, but it was still really funny xD