Elephant Overturns Car in Kruger National Park (Video)

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A raging bull elephant was caught on camera overturning a tourist car in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. British teacher Sarah Brooks and her fiance were on a safari trip and were driving behind the elephant when the animal turned around and charged at their car. They managed to survive the attack but the elephant had to be put down. The whole thing was filmed by tourists in the car behind:

Enhanced footage by Barcroft TV:

Videos via Youtube (UPDATE: the first one got removed from Youtube). Spotted here.

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  • S Marais

    Advice from elephant expert, Dr Michelle Henley (www.facebook.com/STE.SouthAfrica): If ever you are a self-drive tourist, never pursue a musth bull from behind, especially from such close quarters. Musth is easy to identify if you learn to look for the tell-tale signs. A musth bull will have swollen temporal glands which excude a fluid that stains the side of the face. They often dribble urine or have stained back legs. They also walk in a determined fashion in a so-called walk-tall display, flapping their ears in a particular way which sounds like a whip cracking. They also frequently drape their trunk over their tusks to relieve the pressure on the temporal glands. As their testosterone levels surge during their musth periods, which can be more than two months in duration for the older bulls, they are more aggressive than usual. Respect for their displays of superior dominance during their musth cycles can go a long way to prevent such incidences.

  • Guest

    Reckon they should shot the idiot people rather than the elephant.

  • William Llewellyn

    Reckon they should have shot the idiot people rather than the elephant.

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  • peter

    These people are complete and utter morons. The poor bull was threatened by them. Any animal will react if threatened. They should shoot the occupants of the car instead. Tourists in the Kruger are notorious for not respecting this wonderful gift of nature. We have often witnessed beer swilling arseholes taunting animals, people who think they are game experts and getting out of their vehicles. Lets this be a lesson to all of them.Respect the bush and all its inhabitants.!!

  • Adrienne Vaughn

    I agree with the other comments. first the morons are laughing while filming. what was so funny? the laughs turned to fear when they saw the bull elephant charge & turned over the car. The car was too darn close which is a challenge to any wild life, similar to someone tailgating excessively. As long as an animal behaves he is good….until he attacks….then they want to kill the elephant for defending himself. Do not drive in their territory period. He was minding his own business & man is the one that needs to learn & respect wild life.