Bird Cage Diving with Sharks Nearly Turns Deadly for Crazy Aussie Guy (Video)

OMG — By on 2014/01/15 8:02 AM

Australian adrenaline junkie Shaun Harrington has a very lucky escape after deciding to go ‘cage diving’ with sharks using a flimsy bird cage for protection.

H/T: 9news

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  • Mooster

    We live in a land of freedom. I have no issues with what this guy does as long as he is not endangering anyone else. However what with the rising costs of private health insurance and continual whinging of the government of the cost of health care, public services etc… I think it’s time that we legislate that all costs incurred by acts by individuals which engage in irresponsible and reckless conduct (including being under the influence to the extent of losing self control), are bore solely by that individual or their legal guardian. I’m not advocating stopping people having “fun”. I’m just saying I don’t want my taxes to go towards the consequenses of these indivuduales idea of “fun” when some father of 3 having a heart attack has to wait in the hall way of an emergency room because we don’t have enough beds.

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