Possum Cools Off in Swimming Pool in Australia (Video)

AWWW — By on 2014/01/15 9:21 AM

A ringtail possum finds a way to beat the Australian heat by cooling off in the swimming pool…


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  • EPI

    This poor baby ring-tail possum is drowing while the people laugh and film it. Makes me embarrassed to be an Australian. Baby ring tail possums should not be immersed head-first in chlorinated swimming pools. Poor baby. Horrible people. These creatures are supposed to be protected. So much for Australia’s wildlife protection act.

    • http://dailypicksandflicks.com PicksAndFlicks

      so you are saying they put the possum in the pool to drown it and are now laughing because they love to see animals suffer?

      • Snuggles

        Epi- stop being so harsh!! This to me looks like a kiddie blow up pool. Maybe they got the animal out after if it cooled off. Get all the all the facts before you judge…