Swedish Marines’ Greased Lightning Dance Parody (Video)

LOL, Pop Culture — By on 2014/01/25 12:46 PM

Swedish marines perform a parody cover of ‘Greased Lightning‘ from 1971 musical ‘Grease’, while stationed in Afghanistan. It’s amazing how well they got the whole dance choreography down from the 1978 movie:

UPDATE: switched embed after the original upload was removed from YouTube.


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    it is wonderful- and as part of theoriginal cast- and yes i was in thsi number along with another 16 of us- how do we write to you guys??? WE LOVED THIS- AND BY THE WAY ITS THE 1978 MOVIE!!!!

    • http://dailypicksandflicks.com PicksAndFlicks

      movie is from 1978 but the musical is from 1971

  • Bonione

    loved it fellas!!!!

  • marc broussard

    That was fun!

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