Leopard Tank Brake Test (Video)

OMG, WTF — By on 2014/01/27 3:55 AM

Crazy emergency braking with a Leopard tank in the Netherlands…

Another brake test, without the people and with a CV90:

Video source for the first video here. Both videos spotted here (top one in the comments section).

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  • Peter


    Is it possible to download the original MP4 file somewhere? I’ve searched the Internet, but found only the version available at YouTube.


    • http://dailypicksandflicks.com PicksAndFlicks

      the original was here


      I guess it got deleted. The youtube upload above is now the closest thing to the original.

      • Thomas

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, the original is not available any more. We hoped somebody has downloaded the original file and could make this file available again, so that we could try some video forensic algorithms. Additional recompression steps like YouTube make things much more difficult and maybe the original quality was better.

        • http://dailypicksandflicks.com PicksAndFlicks

          if you trying to determine whether or not the video is real- it’s more than likely real. Especially since the footage is from the 90s.

          • Thomas

            Really, the video “noodstop leopard” is from the 90s? How do you know? Do you have any reference?