Adorable McVitie’s Digestives Ads with Puppies and Kittens (Video)

AWWW, LOL — By on 2014/02/07 10:21 AM

British cookie brand McVitie’s launched a new ad campaign for their Digestives biscuits, with adorable commercials that feature puppies and kittens emerging from its snack packages. Watch them both below:

via Adfreak

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  • lisa

    what are the puppy types? The bread of the dogs/puppies?

    • PicksAndFlicks


  • Cam

    What breed is the kittens?

  • kella

    My initial reaction was sweet – then I thought about those who would ‘buy’ pets as a result of the advert. Worrying. Consider rescue homes first please if you can provide a loving home for a pet.

  • Mauricio

    So they eat the puppies ?

  • Austin Powers

    That cat one is just creepy. When it pokes it’s head out the packet i get a bit scared.