Mexico’s 7.2 Earthquake at a Swimming Pool (Video)

OMG — By on 2014/04/20 1:52 AM

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook Mexico on Friday. There were no reports of major damage or casualties. This is what it looked like at a swimming pool in Mexico City, at CNAR (Centro Nacional de Desarrollo de Talentos Deportivos y Alto Rendimiento).

Original upload by Brandon Ramirez Urzua. Copies spotted here, here and here

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  • John

    Please upgrade from flash player. Mobile users can’t enjoy the content. It’s 2014!

    • PicksAndFlicks

      It’s a Facebook video. It’s embedded via the iframe tag. Whether or not is viewable on mobile devices has nothing to do with this website, I don’t use my own video player and I try to use original uploads whenever it’s possible.

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