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Dog Gives Baby a Bath

Dog Gives Baby a Bath »

While the baby boy bathed in the tub, cute dog Oliver wanted to help out. Oliver started to lick the…

Rattlesnake in a Toilet

Rattlesnake in a Toilet »

This guy’s girlfriend woke him up after she screamed in terror when she discovered a rattlesnake in their toilet. He…

Cat Begs For Faucet Water

Cat Begs For Faucet Water »

Mini, this beautifully colored cat stood on top of a bathroom counter. She then began to meow very vocally as…

Raccoon Washes Face

Raccoon Washes Face »

Every morning this raccoon comes in and goes straight to the bathroom. He then begins to get ready for the…

Family Holds Funeral for Goldfish

Family Holds Funeral for Goldfish »

These kids sat around the toilet bowl and held a funeral for their pet goldfish. As one played a sad…

Plumber Snake Breaks Through Toilet

Plumber Snake Breaks Through Toilet »

This guy was sleeping when his neighbor noticed the pipes were clogged and called a plumber. The plumber got to…

Cat Chills on Owner's Wet Head

Cat Chills on Owner’s Wet Head »

This cat climbed onto his owner and hugged his wet head. He held on tight and wouldn’t let go.?

Cat Hugs Owners Hair

Cat Hugs Owners Hair »

This cat loved when his owner took a shower. He would always jump onto and hug his head tightly. Then…

Baby Plays in Toilet

Baby Plays in Toilet »

This adorable baby loved to swim. However, his mom didn’t expect him to love?bouncing and “swimming” in the bathroom toilet…

Dog Unrolls Toilet Paper

Dog Unrolls Toilet Paper »

This silly dog went into the bathroom when he was feeling a bit bored. He then began to unravel the…