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Petting a Bush Baby (Video)

Petting a Bush Baby (Video) »

Petting a Bush Baby (Video)

This tiny bush baby looked cute as his caretaker rubbed his finger on his…

Tiger Ambush (Video)

Tiger Ambush (Video) »

Ozzy the Tiger is just a big, playful pussycat. However, there’s a big difference when a 200 pound tiger charges…

Dog Jumps into Bush for Disk Toy (Video)

Dog Jumps into Bush for Disk Toy (Video) »

Cthulhu the Dog stops at nothing to fetch her favorite toy……

Dog Trick Fail (Video)

Dog Trick Fail (Video) »

Ruger the Red Australian Cattle Dog jumps off his owner’s back and pushes her straight into the bush….

How to Catch a Kangaroo (Video)

How to Catch a Kangaroo (Video) »

A Dumbledore look-alike shows you how to catch a live kangaroo with a shopping bag….

Odd Bird Out (Photo)

Odd Bird Out (Photo) »

Photographer Peter Svoboda captured this scene of six goldfinches competing for the seeds on five branches of a thistle bush….

Fabio Santos Celebration Fail (Video)

Fabio Santos Celebration Fail (Video) »

Vitoria striker Fabio Santos went to celebrate his goal against Criciuma in a Brazilian Serie B match, but failed miserably…

Dog Jumping Hedge Fail (Video)

Dog Jumping Hedge Fail (Video) »

Two dogs playing. One dog jumps over a hedge. The second…