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Horse Adopts Calf

Horse Adopts Calf »

An orphaned calf wandered a farm looking for a place to live. It?stumbled upon a female horse that adopted it…

Baby Cow Messes Around

Baby Cow Messes Around »

This baby cow was messing around and having fun. However, when her mom came near she began to stop and…

Bull Attacks Guy on Motorbike

Bull Attacks Guy on Motorbike »

This guy was just minding his own business riding the trails with his friends on a motorbike. However, when they…

Motorcyclist Crashes Into Cow

Motorcyclist Crashes Into Cow »

This motorcyclist was riding down a dirt path when suddenly a cow jumped into his path. With no time to…

Cow in the Back of Jeep

Cow in the Back of Jeep »

This driver was surprised when she saw a car in front of her driving along the road with a cow…

Guy Falls Off Cow

Guy Falls Off Cow »

This guy decided to jump on the back of a cow. Just as he got on his back, the cow…

Cow Elk Chases Jogger and Dog

Cow Elk Chases Jogger and Dog »

As this jogger took a stroll with his dog they passed by a cow elk standing in the lake below….

Man Mimics Cow Chewing

Man Mimics Cow Chewing »

This guy sat next to his rescued cow as she was chewing. He then began to mimic her chewing motions…

Cows Kiss Dog

Cows Kiss Dog »

These two cows embraced this dog as they smothered him with kisses. The dog reciprocated by giving both the cows…

Man Saves Cow Stuck in Tree

Man Saves Cow Stuck in Tree »

This man noticed that a cow was stuck in a tree so he decided to get out his chainsaw in…