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Kitten Hates Broom

Kitten Hates Broom »

This kitten was furious when it saw its owner bring out the broom. As their owner swept the floor, it…

Dog Gets Head Stuck in Toy Sushi Box

Dog Gets Head Stuck in Toy Sushi Box »

This silly dog was playing around with his toys. He decided to focus on a toy sushi box but accidently…

Kid Boxes Dad's Hands

Kid Boxes Dad’s Hands »

This little boy and his dad found a way to bond with each other. The boy put on some gloves…

Otter Licks Glass at Zoo

Otter Licks Glass at Zoo »

It was a weird day at the zoo when this otter licked the glass of?his enclosure. Patrons were in awe…

Otter Likes to Lick Glass

Otter Likes to Lick Glass »

This otter was happily licking the glass of his enclosure at the zoo. A baby was enamored by his shenanigans…

Injured Dog Plays With Cat

Injured Dog Plays With Cat »

This adorable young puppy named Lilach was badly hit by a car. She suffered some neurological damage and an injury…

Husky Licks Glass Door

Husky Licks Glass Door »

This silly husky diligently licked the glass door. He went from each pane to the next making sure to lick…

Cat Performs Tricks

Cat Performs Tricks »

This cat showed that she was a great listener. At her owner’s request, she performed a series of tricks.?

Dog Unrolls Toilet Paper

Dog Unrolls Toilet Paper »

This silly dog went into the bathroom when he was feeling a bit bored. He then began to unravel the…

Dogs Take a Bath

Dogs Take a Bath »

These dogs happily sat still as they took a bath. Their owner gave one of them a rubber ducky to…