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Dog Follows Pace of Owner

Dog Follows Pace of Owner »

This dog walked alongside his owner making sure to keep the same pace as him. This dog shows his love…

Cat and Puppy Snuggle Together

Cat and Puppy Snuggle Together »

Harry, a cat, and Poppy, a Saint Bernard puppy, don’t let their differences get in the way of their friendship….

Dog Piggybacks on Owner's Push Ups

Dog Piggybacks on Owner’s Push Ups »

This guy was trying to show off his best push ups when his dog decided to join in on the…

Pug and Kitten Play Together

Pug and Kitten Play Together »

Tinkerbell, a pug, loves her new feline sibling. She jumps up on the kitten’s perch to entice his newfound BFF…

Dog Loves Banana

Dog Loves Banana »

This puppy, Rolo,?has an affinity for healthy snacks, which he shows as he happily devours a banana for the first…

Horse Won't Wake Up for Work

Horse Won’t Wake Up for Work »

This horse is just like any human is when his alarm goes off on a work morning. He refuses to…

Kid Cries through ABCs

Kid Cries through ABCs »

Knowing it gave his mom and anyone else watching a laugh, this kid showed off his knowledge of the ABC’s…

Kitten Rescued from Pipe Drain

Kitten Rescued from Pipe Drain »

When this tiny kitten got stuck in a drain pipe, this man spend 48 hours and countless methods to save…

Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman's Belly

Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman’s Belly »

While visiting Rajang, an orangutan at the Colchester Zoo, this pregnant woman was in for a sweet surprise when the…

Little Boy Doesn't Want to Wake Up

Little Boy Doesn’t Want to Wake Up »

As this mother and father tried to open their son’s bedroom door he continued to scream “no” and slam the…