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Husky Licks Glass Door

Husky Licks Glass Door »

This silly husky diligently licked the glass door. He went from each pane to the next making sure to lick…

Cat Performs Tricks

Cat Performs Tricks »

This cat showed that she was a great listener. At her owner’s request, she performed a series of tricks.?

Dog Unrolls Toilet Paper

Dog Unrolls Toilet Paper »

This silly dog went into the bathroom when he was feeling a bit bored. He then began to unravel the…

Dogs Take a Bath

Dogs Take a Bath »

These dogs happily sat still as they took a bath. Their owner gave one of them a rubber ducky to…

Dog Sucks on Pacifier

Dog Sucks on Pacifier »

This adorable pup loved to be treated like a baby. As it was wrapped in a blanket, its owner gave…

Dog and Boy Play Skipping Game

Dog and Boy Play Skipping Game »

This boy wanted to play a skipping game but had no one to play with. Luckily, his dog stepped in…

Ducks Eat Veggies

Ducks Eat Veggies »

These ducklings were hungry. As soon as they heard it was meal time, they rushed to their bowl and quickly…

Cat Mesmerized by Disco Lights

Cat Mesmerized by Disco Lights »

This cat was sitting in her nook when her eyes caught glimmering lights shining around her. She looked around her…

Kids Approach Deer in Their Neighborhood

Kids Approach Deer in Their Neighborhood »

These kids were excited to see a deer wandering in their neighborhood. With their mom watching nearby, they slowly approached…

Twins Play Before Bedtime

Twins Play Before Bedtime »

These kids were supposed to be asleep, but they hopped out of their cribs and played around their room instead….