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Otter Licks Glass at Zoo

Otter Licks Glass at Zoo »

It was a weird day at the zoo when this otter licked the glass of?his enclosure. Patrons were in awe…

Otter Likes to Lick Glass

Otter Likes to Lick Glass »

This otter was happily licking the glass of his enclosure at the zoo. A baby was enamored by his shenanigans…

Injured Dog Plays With Cat

Injured Dog Plays With Cat »

This adorable young puppy named Lilach was badly hit by a car. She suffered some neurological damage and an injury…

Husky Licks Glass Door

Husky Licks Glass Door »

This silly husky diligently licked the glass door. He went from each pane to the next making sure to lick…

Cat Performs Tricks

Cat Performs Tricks »

This cat showed that she was a great listener. At her owner’s request, she performed a series of tricks.?

Dog Unrolls Toilet Paper

Dog Unrolls Toilet Paper »

This silly dog went into the bathroom when he was feeling a bit bored. He then began to unravel the…

Dogs Take a Bath

Dogs Take a Bath »

These dogs happily sat still as they took a bath. Their owner gave one of them a rubber ducky to…

Dog Sucks on Pacifier

Dog Sucks on Pacifier »

This adorable pup loved to be treated like a baby. As it was wrapped in a blanket, its owner gave…

Dog and Boy Play Skipping Game

Dog and Boy Play Skipping Game »

This boy wanted to play a skipping game but had no one to play with. Luckily, his dog stepped in…

Ducks Eat Veggies

Ducks Eat Veggies »

These ducklings were hungry. As soon as they heard it was meal time, they rushed to their bowl and quickly…