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Slow Motion Dogs (Video)

Slow Motion Dogs (Video) »

Remember the awesome underwater dogs from Seth Casteel? This is something similar, filmed with a slow motion camera at 1,000…

Wingsuit Racing (Video)

Wingsuit Racing (Video) »

A crazy wingsuit race brought to you by Devin Super Tramp, aka Devin Graham, and his friends….

Puppy Easter (Video)

Puppy Easter (Video) »

This Easter will be better with a bunch of puppies, baby chickens and bunnies, brought to you by Devin Super…

World’s Largest Rope Swing (Video)

World’s Largest Rope Swing (Video) »

Devin Super Tramp presents the world’s largest rope swing in Moab, Utah….

Awesome Fire Knife Dance (Video)

Awesome Fire Knife Dance (Video) »

Traditional Samoan ceremonial dance performed by Malo Matau, Maika Tuala and Rockett Tenne, filmed by Devin Graham. Don’t try this…

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