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Snow Canoe Hits Girl

Snow Canoe Hits Girl »

These friends decided to borrow a canoe and put a twist on sledding when a blizzard hit their town. They…

Guy Scares Friend Awake

Guy Scares Friend Awake »

This guy thought it would be funny to scare his friend awake. Once they were sound asleep, he screamed as…

Truck Plows Through Tree

Truck Plows Through Tree »

The driver of this truck was speedily driving across the road when a tree fell down in front of him….

Goat Falls off Cooler

Goat Falls off Cooler »

This goat hopped on a cooler to look tall and might. However, once it laid down, it lost its balance…

Skier Caught in Avalanche

Skier Caught in Avalanche »

This guy has having a blast skiing down a mountain slope. However, things took a turn for the worse when…

Guy Tries to Do a Backflip in the Woods

Guy Tries to Do a Backflip in the Woods »

This guy thought he was talented enough to demonstrate how to properly do a backflip. However, he quickly learned he…

Mousse Can Explodes in Guy's Face

Mousse Can Explodes in Guy’s Face »

This guy took a mousse can and hammered it. However, it wasn’t completely empty yet and sprayed all over him.?

Motorcyclist Endures Brutal Crash

Motorcyclist Endures Brutal Crash »

This motorcyclist was riding along a road with great speed when he began to lose control. This caused him to…

Fallen Trees Trap Car on Road

Fallen Trees Trap Car on Road »

This car was driving along a slippery and windy road. Suddenly trees began to fall in front of them so…

Skier Falls Into Ditch

Skier Falls Into Ditch »

This skier was going too fast and lost control of his speed. This caused him to run straight through a…