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Dog Steals Owner's Cereal

Dog Steals Owner’s Cereal »

Po, an adorable pup, is smart enough to figure out that once his owner leaves the kitchen, all his food…

Colombian Farmer Passes Up Professional Triathletes on Bikes

Colombian Farmer Passes Up Professional Triathletes on Bikes »

These professional triathletes were trying to bike across South America in record time. On a steep uphill climb, they came…

Older Bird Tries to Help Feed Baby Bird

Older Bird Tries to Help Feed Baby Bird »

They owner of these lorikeets was trying to feed a newly hatched one. However, an older bird wanted to help…

Squirrel Steals Candy Bar

Squirrel Steals Candy Bar »

This squirrel wasn’t afraid of the consequences when it saw some delicious candy inside store. It ran inside and stole…

Squirrel Steals Chocolate Bar

Squirrel Steals Chocolate Bar »

This squirrel was feeling having some hunger pains. He saw some delicious chocolate inside a store, so he ran inside…

Bird Screams for Food

Bird Screams for Food »

This bird was feeling mighty hungry from the bottom of his stomach, so he bellowed a strange noise from the…

Dog Eats Banana

Dog Eats Banana »

This cute pup grabbed a banana to munch on. He laid down and straddled the fruit while chewing off bits…

Cat Outsmarts Automatic Feeder

Cat Outsmarts Automatic Feeder »

This cat already gets fed seven times a day. When that wasn’t enough for him he decided to take matters…

Dog Celebrates Christmas

Dog Celebrates Christmas »

This dog wanted to have a Merry Christmas. So he gathered some snacks from around the house and set up…

Cat Steals Snacks

Cat Steals Snacks »

This cat was feeling a bit peckish, so he went to the kitchen and grabbed a snack from the pantry….