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Guy Gets Pranked in Lake

Guy Gets Pranked in Lake »

These guys frequently visit this lake and they invited their friend to come along for the first time. When he…

Pets Eating Dessert

Pets Eating Dessert »

They’re not counting calories… and neither are we!Video courtesy of Jukin Media

Kid Feeds Baby Cow

Kid Feeds Baby Cow »

This little guy wanted to get a head start on getting the chores done for the day. He grabbed a…

Raccoons Eat Snacks

Raccoons Eat Snacks »

This raccoon looked like a human with his shirt on a eating snacks off a plate. His friend tried to…

Snake Found in Lettuce

Snake Found in Lettuce »

This woman just wanted to use the lettuce she bought at the market. However, she discovered a small snake living…

Jumping Spider Captures Moth

Jumping Spider Captures Moth »

This jumping spider was excited when it spotted its next meal just sitting on a screen door. It snuck behind…

RC Car Scares Squirrel

RC Car Scares Squirrel »

While a squirrel tried to get to the peanut butter and nuts left out for it in the yard, a…

Squirrel Shoots Spring at Chipmunk

Squirrel Shoots Spring at Chipmunk »

A couple of toy springs were taped to a board and filled with peanut butter and nuts for the critters…

Breakfast with Giraffes

Breakfast with Giraffes »

This couple was celebrating their honeymoon in Nairobi, Kenya. They were staying in a manor where wild giraffes joined them…

Maltese Chases Deer

Maltese Chases Deer »

Hanu the maltese wanted to protect her house from strangers. When she spotted a wild deer eating from a feeder…