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Otter Plays Dead (Video)

Otter Plays Dead (Video) »

Kotsumekawauso the Otter is at it again. This time he is playing dead….

German vs Other Languages (Video)

German vs Other Languages (Video) »

How German sounds compared to other languages like English, Spanish, French and Italian….

Raccoon Steals Cat Food and Runs Away (Video)

Raccoon Steals Cat Food and Runs Away (Video) »

A raccoon stealing food from cats makes the funniest escape ever towards the end of the video, so make sure…

German Shepherd vs Shadow (Video)

German Shepherd vs Shadow (Video) »

A silly German Shepherd attacks his own shadow by pouncing on it and stomping it out……

Funny SportsCenter Ad with Rickie Fowler (Video)

Funny SportsCenter Ad with Rickie Fowler (Video) »

Sportscenter anchor John Anderson discovers the reason golfer Rickie Fowler wears bright-orange outfits in this ESPN commercial:…

Daily Picdump #874

Daily Picdump #874 »

Triple Rope Swing Fail (Video)

Triple Rope Swing Fail (Video) »

A tree gets mad at a guy failing at rope swinging……

New Zealand Supermarket Prank (Video)

New Zealand Supermarket Prank (Video) »

The Next Actor segment from New Zealand‘s TV show ‘Jono and Ben at Ten‘ features Samoan actor Robbie Magasiva who…

Easily Scared Restaurant Worker (Video)

Easily Scared Restaurant Worker (Video) »

An employee of a restaurant in France enjoys scaring his co-worker. Probably because the guy is so easily frightened……

Daily Picdump #862

Daily Picdump #862 »