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Huskies Argue Over Who Made Mess

Huskies Argue Over Who Made Mess »

When the owner of these huskies asked which one of them made a mess in the house, they both tried…

Husky Whines and Cries

Husky Whines and Cries »

This husky could not stop whining or crying when his owner asked him about a chewed up object.?

Husky Dog Poops Mid-Run

Husky Dog Poops Mid-Run »

While on a trip to Finland, this woman thought she’d take a dog sled ride. However, she was in for…

Hair Removed from Dog

Hair Removed from Dog »

This dog happily stuck his tongue out as his owner’s groomed him. They combed through his hair and removed all…

Husky Plays With Broccoli

Husky Plays With Broccoli »

When broccoli was placed in front of this husky he didn’t know what to do. He opened his mouth and…

Husky and Raccoon Play

Husky and Raccoon Play »

This husky laid on his back as a racoon wrestled on top of him. Eventually the husky broke free and…

Husky Floats in Pool

Husky Floats in Pool »

This dog was supposed to be learning how to swim in a pool. However, he had other ideas when he…

Husky Howls at Saxophone

Husky Howls at Saxophone »

This pup either absolutely hates the sound of the saxophone or wants to sound just like it! Every time his…

Husky Sings Along With Toy

Husky Sings Along With Toy »

This husky squealed?every time she squeaked her toy. It has been her favorite toy because she greatly enjoys mimicking its…

Man Shares Ice Cream with Dog

Man Shares Ice Cream with Dog »

While grabbing an ice cream in Warsaw, these people came across a man on the street who was feeding??an ice…