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Kitten's Toilet Mishap (Video)

Kitten’s Toilet Mishap (Video) »

This kitten has some trouble with balance while peeing in the sand, but it’s pretty chill about the whole thing……

Adorable Kittens on Pig Cushions (Video)

Adorable Kittens on Pig Cushions (Video) »

Three exotic shorthair kittens enjoy a rest on their pig cushions. Warning: may cause diabeetus….

Laziest Polar Bear Ever (Video)

Laziest Polar Bear Ever (Video) »

Just a polar bear laying on seaweed, enjoying the lazy Arctic weather……

Half Cat Is Resting on the Desk (Video)

Half Cat Is Resting on the Desk (Video) »

This funny cat picked a strange position to sit at the desk. Top comment: ‘Half cat only needs half a…

Goat Massage (Video)

Goat Massage (Video) »

How about some goat massage for that back pain of yours? Works for this dude:…

Cat Playing Fruit Ninja (Video)

Cat Playing Fruit Ninja (Video) »

An iPad turns into an expensive cat toy as this feline starts slicing fruits like mad and manages to get…

Casper The Dog Loves To Bathe (Video)

Casper The Dog Loves To Bathe (Video) »

Meet Casper, the bath loving dog. Look at that smile!…

Unflappable Korean Dog (Video)

Unflappable Korean Dog (Video) »

This Korean dog simply doesn’t care anymore……

Bulldog Enjoying Massage (Video)

Bulldog Enjoying Massage (Video) »

Chloe the English Bulldog enjoys her massage and being put…

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