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Dog Howls with Rubber Chicken

Dog Howls with Rubber Chicken »

When Unyong the french bulldog heard a rubber chicken make some noise, he chimed after it was done with a…

Baby Makes Weird Noises

Baby Makes Weird Noises »

This baby was enjoying some ice scream that his mom was feeding him. However, when she told him it was…

Bird Screams for Food

Bird Screams for Food »

This bird was feeling mighty hungry from the bottom of his stomach, so he bellowed a strange noise from the…

Guy Whistles Like Hot Kettle

Guy Whistles Like Hot Kettle »

This guy was waiting for his kettle to warm up so he could the hot water. He heard it whistling…

Army of Turkeys Gobble

Army of Turkeys Gobble »

This army of turkeys were marching to their destination when a stranger whistled at them. They responded by collectively gobbling…

Guinea Pigs Eat Sprouts

Guinea Pigs Eat Sprouts »

These guinea pigs were excited when they saw a plate of sprouts on the ground. They all gathered around the…

Baby and Howl Together

Baby and Howl Together »

After this?baby started hollering, their dog followed and howled along with them. It was an endless cycle of imitation as…

Dog Talks

Dog Talks »

Dolly the dog was put under the spotlight and was tasked to speak in front of a group of people….

Goat Makes Weird Noises

Goat Makes Weird Noises »

This goat was making weird noises when his owner was nearby. He blew raspberries and howled like a tired wolf…

Baby Mimics Mom

Baby Mimics Mom »

This mom was playing with her nine week old daughter. She tickled her and made weird noises, but she leapt…