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Dog Can't Jump on Swinging Chair

Dog Can’t Jump on Swinging Chair »

After her owner threw a frisbee across the yard, Daisy the dog ran across the grass to grab it. She…

Dachshund Puppy Barks at Himself in Mirror

Dachshund Puppy Barks at Himself in Mirror »

Cheddar the two-month-old wiener dog walked into a room for the first time and stumbled upon a dog that he…

Toad and Bullfrog Battle for Food

Toad and Bullfrog Battle for Food »

While this African Bullfrog snatched every piece of food in??front of him, his toad??buddy took the calm approach and waited…

Dog Meets Tickle Me Elmo

Dog Meets Tickle Me Elmo »

For the holidays, Cincy the Dog was gifted a Tickle Me Elmo, which not only??piqued his??curiosity, but also scared the…

Dog Creeps Behind Owner

Dog Creeps Behind Owner »

While this pet owner was looking away, his dog, Roxie, eyeballed him intently from behind his back; however, when he…

Dog Won't Let Baby Pass

Dog Won’t Let Baby Pass »

The baby girl wanted to crawl her way up the stairs, but unfortunately for her, there were two big canines…

Cat Enjoys Being Brushed

Cat Enjoys Being Brushed »

Fili the cat was on cloud nine as his owner brushed his hair. He threw his legs up in the…

Dog Demands Attention

Dog Demands Attention »

Shadows the dog was on cloud nine lying on the couch and having his ears scratched on a lazy afternoon….

Cat Slaps Horse's Face

Cat Slaps Horse’s Face »

This cat didn’t like it when a horse got too close for comfort. All she was trying to do was…

Boston Terrier vs. Carrot

Boston Terrier vs. Carrot »

Homer the Boston Terrier was startled when he saw a strange orange object on the kitchen floor. He didn’t know…