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Raccoon Falls off Tree

Raccoon Falls off Tree »

This raccoon just wanted to climb a tree. However, he had a big meal before attempting the feat and ended…

Raccoon Plays With Toy Boat During Bath

Raccoon Plays With Toy Boat During Bath »

This pet raccoon played around with a little boat toy in the bath tub. He swam around with enjoyment as…

Raccoon Takes a Bubble Bath

Raccoon Takes a Bubble Bath »

This raccoon swam around in a tub filled with water and bubbles. He was very fascinated by the bubbles and…

Husky and Raccoon Play

Husky and Raccoon Play »

This husky laid on his back as a racoon wrestled on top of him. Eventually the husky broke free and…

Raccoon Gives Cat Massage

Raccoon Gives Cat Massage »

This cat was just trying to relax and watch some tv when his raccoon roommate surprised him with an unwanted…

Raccoon Plays with Ferret

Raccoon Plays with Ferret »

This raccoon and ferret fought like cats and dogs. They rolled around in the corner shoving each other and tried…

Cat Hits Raccoon

Cat Hits Raccoon »

This cat continuously pawed at the raccoon as it tried to play with her. The raccoon didn’t seem to mind…

Raccoon Steals Cell Phone

Raccoon Steals Cell Phone »

This guy was trying to take a video of a wild raccoon, but he soon learned how raccoon’s earned their…

Raccoon Plays in Kiddie Pool (Video)

Raccoon Plays in Kiddie Pool (Video) »

Harbor the Raccoon has fun playing in the water as wildlife rehabilitator MaryEllen Schoeman sprays him with a garden hose……

Raccoon Does the Dishes (Video)

Raccoon Does the Dishes (Video) »

Masha the Raccoon washes the dishes at the Royev Ruchei Zoo in Krasnoyarsk, Russia….